June Reflection (2018)

Each month, I set aside time to reflect on the previous month: memorable moments, lessons I learned, how I spent my time, how I’m different, who/what I’m grateful for, improvements for next month, and goals to work toward. I try to be intentional in my personal development, and posting each month is a way to keep me accountable (as a nice reminder, it’s also built into my favorite planner 😉 ).

Three Lessons I Learned:

  • Rest days are necessary. Obviously, my life here is a little different than normal. And not having a job, I can sometimes feel guilty for needing a “rest day.” What do I need a rest from?! I’m learning not to feel guilty and take advantage of the time to rest when I need it (and while I have it!).
  • Be sensitive to other cultures when you travel (I mean, you should also be doing this at home too). Even if no one comes up to you and says anything about not having your shoulders covered, it doesn’t hurt to be respectful and follow the norms. Especially when visiting (or planning  to visit) predominately Arab / Muslim countries, be a little more modest. You’ll probably get less stares, and it shows them you respect their way of life.
  • If someone you know happens to be visiting the country you are currently in… meet up! I love meeting up with people from back home in random parts of the world. I’m happy I had the chance at least once this past month.

Top 3 Highlights:

  • Ate way too much food in Bologna.
  • Visited the Jewish ghetto in Venice.
  • Explored Sicily with my grandma!

Monthly Motto:

It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop — Confucius

June Reflection 2018

What big lessons have you learned over the past month? Share in the comments below!


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