Staying in a Rifugio

When I thought of Italy, I imagined Roman ruins, cute little villages, and vineyards as far as I could see. What I didn’t image, were the beautiful, dramatic mountains.

50 Travel Tips for a Less Stressful Adventure

Mistakes are a part of life. Especially when it comes to traveling. It’s always easier to look back on a trip and see things that you would have done differently. I have made a lot of mistakes in my travels in the 30 or so countries that I’ve been to. So I’ve made a list…

How to Pack for a Week in Europe

To help minimize stress and the likelihood of overpacking, use this template packing list and adapt to your specific destination.

7 Reasons Budapest Should Be at the Top of Your List

Budapest was a gem. Honestly, I didn’t expect it. My husband had a long weekend at work, and we were trying pick somewhere to go. Since we have both lived in Europe at separate times, we’ve got most of the “big” spots (you know, Paris, Madrid, London, Dublin, etc.) covered between the two of us….

Why You Should Travel Solo (At Least Once)

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a perfect travel partner — maybe you haven’t found someone you get along with enough to spend extended time in a car together or you just haven’t been able to line your schedules up. But just because you don’t have a travel partner, doesn’t mean you…

How to Find Cheap Plane Tickets

Travel can be expensive. The cost of traveling is probably the reason I’ve heard most often why people don’t travel (along with not having the time, but that’s different discussion). But traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure, if you want a certain standard of travel and luxury, then budget traveling might not be as…

9 Reasons You Should Take A Road Trip (Right Now)

When people tell me they want to travel — but don’t have the time or money — what I really hear is that travel isn’t a priority for them. And that’s totally okay! No judgement here. Travel isn’t for everyone, and, even if it is, we all go through seasons where other things will take…