Celebrating Spring

Celebrating SpringIt’s spring! I can not wait for longer days, flowers blooming, and warmer weather.

Don’t get me wrong — I love living in a place where we actually get all four seasons. However, my soul is craving sunlight, warmth, and the freedom to be outside without freezing my butt off.

I ran to the park this week, and indulged in my first real outdoor yoga practice of the year. Boy, did it feel good. You know what I love about spring? Sunshine. Going barefoot. Meeting with friends at a park instead of a coffee shop.

The allergies, however, I could live without.

As a unique way to celebrate spring, I attended a yoga class at my home studio that was 108 sun salutations. I was a little nervous going into the class. That’s a lot of the same poses over and over.

Inhale. Lift your arms overhead and look at your hands.
Exhale. Fold forward.
Inhale. Straighten your spine and lift halfway up.
Exhale. Plant your hands and jump back.
Inhale. Lift to upward facing dog.
Exhale. Push back to downward facing dog.
Exhale. Look between your hands and hop forward.
Inhale. Straighten your spine and lift halfway up.
Exhale. Fold forward.
Inhale. Lift your hands over head and return to standing.
Exhale. Bring your hands to heart center.

While I thought it would get boring, I didn’t tire of the sun salutations. Instead, knowing exactly what was coming next allowed me to focus on my breath, without worrying about the next pose. In a sense, it was a type of moving meditation. My mind was focused on the here and now, how my body was feeling, and the inhale and exhale of my breath.

So breathe. Smile. And enjoy spring 🙂


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