DisconnectingSometimes you need to get away from your everyday surroundings to gain a bit more clarity. I spent this past weekend up in the mountains with some friends, and had one of those clarity moments. We sunbathed by the water (maybe got a little burnt), practiced yoga, explored the lake, played wiffle ball, kicked around a soccer ball, and just enjoyed the sunshine and great weather. And I left my phone at the house.

While this might not seem like a big deal, it really was for me. I ALWAYS have my phone on me. I won’t hesitate to say that I’m addicted to my phone. Working in the social media world has only given me a bigger excuse to stay connected to my phone and email.

But lately I’ve been trying to break (or at least lessen) my need to be connected at all times. Since I’m no longer in a romantic relationship, I don’t have someone to text 24/7 and thus don’t really even have an excuse to check my phone that often (I’m not that popular 😝).

This past weekend was a big step for me in this area. I often bring my phone to take photos, but I can easily get distracted by all the other stuff on it. My memory isn’t so great, so I will often take pictures as a way to preserve or to trigger my memories. But now that I have an iPhone, my camera comes with access to Instagram, Facebook, email, and a myriad of other distracting apps that can stop me from being present and enjoying the moment. I challenged myself to leave my phone in the house (most, but not the entire time). Who would really be contacting me that I need to be available? Do I really even want to be available to the outside world when I’m surrounded by the sounds of nature and good friends?

Was I on my phone this weekend? Yes. I’m not perfect (and technology isn’t bad in moderation). But the world didn’t end when I left my phone alone for a few hours. It was a healthy reminder.

So don’t get offended if I don’t answer your text, call, or message right away. I’m working on distancing myself from my beloved iPhone.


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