My Yoga Journal: February 8

{Written before pulling a double*}

I have less than a month left of my yoga teacher training (definitely should have started recording things sooner. Oh well.). A big part of me can’t wait for it to be over — I’ll get my weekends back (maybe), my Mondays, my occasional Thursdays; I’ll stop being quite as exhausted (that’s what I tell myself, anyways); I’ll be abl eto rest my body the way it needs (anyone want to give me a free shoulder massage?); I won’t have to sit on the floor for hours on end. But more so, I am excited to be able to start actually teaching (if God has that in the cards for me right now), to more fully process what I’ve been learning, and to continue my education around topics that really interest me like trauma training, anatomy, and inversions. I’ve half-written dozens of blog posts in my head on what I’ve learned during my YTT — unfortunately, they usually occur while I am either in class or on my hour commute, and I haven’t mastered audio recordings yet. So here I am, a month from graduation, with countless ideas swirling around in my head, trying to figure out how to get it all down — I’m sure some of them will become actual blog posts some day. Just not today. My lesson for today is patience. You can’t do everything today. Letting go of things when the timing is not right takes patience (a lot of it!) and a recognition of your own boundaries and humanness. Hate to break it to you, but you ain’t no superman. And I’m not either (thank goodness). Patience takes strength. That’s good enough for now in my book (and if your book says different… I don’t care. Bye.).

*An all-level vinyasa class followed by a slow flow class to meet my yoga hour requirements (200 hours total). Mondays are a party.


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