My Yoga Journal: A Long 5 Months

The past 4-5 months have been crazy, but I’ve officially completed 200 hours for my yoga teacher training!

I dove into learning about yoga and yogic principles. I met many wonderful women and practiced under many incredible teachers (men and women!). I got my toes wet learning about anatomy and how the body works. I was able to link my YTT with Dressember for my Seva project. I learned how many poses I had been doing wrong. I learned to honour my body and how to modify for my multiple physical issues. I learned that going “deeper” isn’t always (or even often) better. I had my values and beliefs challenged in a positive way. I realised (or at least started to) how much I still have to learn.

Even just completing the program was a big achievement for me. I came in with a shoulder injury that I thought would go away and then contracted mono that started showing symptoms the first week of training (although I didn’t realize that is what it was until later). My shoulder didn’t get better, and I am still dealing with lingering fatigue issues from the mono. However, I know I learned more from the training completing it through injury and illness than I would have in a normal, healthy state. I learned humility that I wouldn’t have if I had been able to do all the poses I could before my shoulder issue. I learned  compassion that I had never had in my yoga practice before.

I feel like I just got my feet wet with this training, and I’m so excited to continue to study, learn, practice, grow, and teach.

Oh, and I’m excited for a break 🙏


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