Unity Doesn’t Equal Uniformity

Unity doesn’t mean we have to agree.

In fact, I believe we can very strongly disagree, but still be unified. Granted there are some essential issues that make it hard to unify on (sexual abuse and racism are two for me). But if you have a common goal that is bigger than your issues, unification is possible.

I’ve been torn up about the recent events. There is so much hate and  bitterness.

Look, I obviously don’t agree with half of the US population. But as long as they aren’t violating human rights, they are entitled to that opinion. Sure, I can disagree. And I strongly do. But a difference of opinions isn’t worth losing relationship is over. Heck, I disagreed with almost all of the close people in my life during this election. But I’m not letting politics ruin my relationships. At the end of the day, regardless of the outcome, half of our population is going to be unhappy with the results.

And as much as we like to think we can, we can’t never fully know appreciate where the other person is coming from.

There is no right answer. While you or I might there is, there very clearly is not. These aren’t black and white issues. This is politics — messy, ugly and gray.

Please don’t gloat. People are hurt. There is already fall out that is affecting people’s lives. Just because you disagree with Obamacare, minimum wage laws, and other policies doesn’t mean they weren’t beneficial to our country as a whole. Not every policy is going to affect everyone positively — but that’s part of the system. It’s not about what’s best for YOU. It’s about what’s best for OUR country.

I’ve learned in this election that there are no real winners among the common folk like you and me. And if you think there is, I urge you to have some empathy to consider where your hurting brothers and sisters are coming from.

At the end of the day, we’ll all end up with broken promises. Don’t add broken relationships to that.

Regardless of which “side” you were on, we are all Americans, people. It shouldn’t be about your party winning or losing. It should be about what is best for our country.

But that can’t happen until we learn to love. And it starts with the opposite “side”. Be gracious. Be loving. Be freaking kind. We don’t have to agree to be unified.


What do you think?

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