Green Ribbon Trail

Words don’t really mean much until you act on them. If you’re like me, you’ve probably said hundreds of things you want to do, but only actually do a handful of them at most (I need more hands than I have to count the New Year’s resolutions I’ve made and not kept…). A few years…

All You Need Is a Few Days

When I was in college trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, one thing I knew for sure is that I wanted to travel. Whether I traveled for work or pleasure, I didn’t really care. The thrill of seeing new places and discovering bits and pieces of yourself along the way…

Attitude of An Adventurer

adventure (noun) :: [ad-ven-cher] :: an exciting or very unusual experience Knowing my ever-present desire to travel, a friend recently made a comment about how he couldn’t believe I was still in the area. It’s true — when I was younger, I didn’t think I’d stay in the area I grew up in for very long. But as I’ve…

Red, White, and Purple

I am usually out of town for the Fourth of July, so a good friend and I took the time to explore a few local treasures. Although we didn’t have a typical Fourth of July filled with BBQ and picnics, a laid back day of adventuring was perfect 🙂 We started out at Peace Valley Lavender Farm….

Morris Arboretum

Who knew we’d have such nice weather the day after Christmas? Some old friends and I wandered around Morris Arboretum catching up on life and just enjoying each other’s company. Here are a few photos I snapped that day!

Longwood Gardens: Autumn Colors

What better way to spend a warm, fall day than wandering around Longwood Gardens? Fall is probably my favorite season, and Longwood Gardens showcased autumn’s colors beautifully!


Despite having a gift card for months and driving past lately due to work, I finally made my way to OwowCow Creamery! I tried the local peach flavor, and it was delicious 🙂 It was a little on the pricey side, but I love that they have different flavors every week, and source local, organic…

Columcille Megalith Park

Every once and a while, I stumble upon a place that feels like it is from a different century. Columcille Megalith Park is one of those places. I heard of Columcille recently, and it was just by chance that the friend I was helping move this weekend lived only 10 minutes away from the park. Since…

Where the Rocks Ring

I thought graduating college would leave me with spare time to catch up on reading, blog, exercise, etc. Yea right. Life is as crazy as ever, and summer will be gone before I know it. To help retain a little sanity and to abate my fear of being boring, I decided to challenge myself to…

Take the Jump

I want it to be summer, and I want to go cliff jumping.