Where the Rocks Ring

I thought graduating college would leave me with spare time to catch up on reading, blog, exercise, etc.

Yea right.

Life is as crazy as ever, and summer will be gone before I know it. To help retain a little sanity and to abate my fear of being boring, I decided to challenge myself to explore at least ONE new place each week. It doesn’t have to be some grand adventure — instead, it could be a park I drive by every day to work but haven’t stopped at or an antique store I happen to walk past that may have some interesting finds. My goal is to see a little bit more of where I live with open eyes each week.

I’ll be blogging about my mini adventures to hold myself accountable (and give me something to write about each week — win-win!). I wanted to start off with an excursion to Ringing Rocks, somewhere I have been wanting to visit since I took a geology class at Montgomery County Community College over two years ago.

IMG_5085A few friends and I grabbed a hammer and headed to Ringing Rocks, a boulder field where (as you might have guessed) the rocks ring. About a third of the rocks produce a metallic sound when hit with a hammer. And no one really knows why.

Of course, there are different theories out there. The most interesting one I found was that Native American cursed the boulder field, causing compasses to malfunction.

It amazes me that with all of the technology we have (anyone else still wonderstruck by all their iPhone can do?), we still don’t fully understand why some of these rocks ring. Surrounded by trees yet out in a sea of boulders, the various metallic tones produced by the rocks was intriguing.



After exploring the boulder field, my friends (Janine and Sam) and I went in search of the alleged “largest waterfall” in Bucks County, which was also supposed to be at Ringing Rocks Park. We don’t know if we found it or not, but the strange rock formations we came across made up for it.

We walked down what we thought must have been a river at some point, and couldn’t help but notice the rocks looked like they formed giant stairs. I think we may have stumbled onto an ancient civilization’s temple. Or possibly stepped into ancient Asia.

Of course, my yoga-loving friends and I couldn’t help but take some yoga pictures.

Yoga at Ringing Rocks

I still can’t believe it took my over two years to finally get out to Ringing Rocks, but it was worth it.

If you’ve been to Ringing Rocks, I’d love to hear about your experience! And if you found Bucks County’s largest waterfall, I want to hear about that too 🙂


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