Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia [PHOTO BLOG]

On my recent trip to Slovenia, I spent some time in Ljubljana but also managed to make my way to enjoy the beautiful country side! In everything I was reading online about Slovenia, Lake Bled seemed to be one of the top places to go. It's only an hour from Ljubljana so we decided to … Continue reading Lake Bled, Slovenia [PHOTO BLOG]

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia [PHOTO BLOG]

One of the countries never on my bucket list was Slovenia. In fact, the whole trip, I kept calling it Slovakia 🙈. BUT it was an interesting little country to explore for the weekend! Joe had been there before, and it was an easy 2 hour drive from Aviano. We stayed in Ljubljana (pronounced like … Continue reading Ljubljana, Slovenia [PHOTO BLOG]


Lisbon, Portugal

"So why'd you decide to go to Portugal?" There could be any number of answers: the history, the beaches, the nightlife, the food, the people. My answer? "I found cheap plane tickets." Yes, I went to Portugal not because it was on my bucket list (although I had heard great things about the country) nor … Continue reading Lisbon, Portugal