Breathing Life Into Your Dreams

I’ve always found words to be a powerful thing.

Words in the form of a story can have a way of transporting you to another time and place. 

Words can build up or tear down someone’s identity and self-esteem. 

Words can spur others to action and create social movement. 

One thing I’ve come to realize even more so of late is that there is something special in speaking words, specifically dreams, out. How many of us do we have dreams that we hold in our hearts, a little secret desire that we choose to keep hidden from the world? Some dreams or desires can be bigger than others. It could be something small like wanting to change to healthier breakfasts or something bigger like wanting to start your own business.

But something almost magical can happen when you verbalize your dreams. Until you speak them out, they are just that — dreams, an idea that can haunt your consciousness.But speaking your dreams out gives them a spark, permission to flourish.

It’s as if you are breathing life into them. 

As soon as you let others know the desires of your heart, you can no longer hide from them. You are now accountable in a sense for your dream. I mean, if it’s truly a dream and passion of yours yet you are doing nothing about it, others may question how strongly you want this dream.

That’s how I felt about it anyway.

I’ve known for a long time that I want to become a yoga instructor. But whenever someone asked, I’d always give some sort of response like “some day” or “after I’ve saved more.” And deeper down, I had an even narrower yoga-related dream that I didn’t really care to talk about as it seemed a little silly. But when I actually spoke that desire out and verbalized it to my friend, something shifted. It actually seemed possible. 

And now, I’m taking steps toward making that dream a reality. Don’t get me wrong — this is just the first step. I’m not sure what even will come after this. But I’m trusting God on that one. He hasn’t let me down so far.

I encourage you to not hold your dreams deep inside forever. You never know what might happen by allowing others to help you and hold you accountable for your dreams.

So dream. Big. And make them reality. Breath life into them.


What do you think?

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