When Enough Is Enough

I really hate taking sick days.

Maybe it’s because I don’t like quitting or leaving work I have to do unfinished. Maybe it’s because I often feel run down and tend to deny that I am actually getting sick. Or maybe I’m just a workaholic. Who knows.

But a lesson I’ve been learning (over and over) for the past year or so is to listen to your body. My yoga teachers were the first ones to introduce that phrase to me, and it’s stuck with me. Your body needs time to rest, and taking a break isn’t necessarily a sign of weakness.

Recently, I came down with some sort of cold/flu right before I was supposed to fly to Cancun for a week and a half. I went to the doctors, got an antibiotic, and hoped that whatever I had would clear up quickly.

Well, it didn’t clear up. While I was in Mexico, I didn’t start to get better. Instead, new symptoms started popping up. Three days into the trip, I decided to book a ticket home early.

At first, I felt a little weird (guilty, but not quite). I would be leaving almost a week early. Shouldn’t I just stick it out? Since I’ve become more in tune with my body, however, I knew that this wasn’t something I was just going to be able to shake off.

So I flew home early and went to the doctor’s the next day to get lots of blood work and tests done. Turns out I made the right choice in coming home. It wasn’t just a cold or the flu (hello, mono), and I have needed a much longer recovery time than I originally anticipated (boo).

I’ve spent a lot of time in bed, watching Netflix, and I have had to take a decent amount of time off work. While I am starting to go a little crazy not being able to do everything that normally fills my schedule, my body needed a break. I’m learning that it isn’t worth it to push my body when what I really needed is rest (I am ready to be done with this lesson though).

But I will say, I can’t wait to play soccer and have a glass of wine again soon ✌.



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