With a Dress as Our Flag

We are over a week into Dressember! Dressember is a challenge to wear a dress for all 31 days of December as a reminder that not all women are free. I have been blessed with privilege of being able to choose something as simple as which outfit I wore today. Not all women have that freedom.

Dressember is about freedom. We want to do what we can, as small as it may be, and this challenge presents a simple way to get involved with the struggle for freedom — for women, men, and children.

One thing I love about the Dressember campaign this year is that they have partnered with companies that are fair trade, socially conscious, or somehow involved with the fight against human trafficking. As I learn more about the issue of human trafficking and how deeply embedded it is in our society, I am trying to become more aware of where the clothing I am buying comes from.

I decided to start with Dressember by buying the Dressember Dress. It was made ethically in Nepal by survivors of human trafficking with a company called Elegantees. I encourage you to look into ethically made clothing and simple ways we can fight human trafficking!

“Together, with a dress as our flag, we will carve a path to a better future for women everywhere.”

To donate to my Dressember campaign, click here.


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