How to Make Your Wedding Less Stressful: Choose Awesome Wedding Vendors

It’s been just about a month since my wedding, and it has been a whirlwind since then! Lots of planning went into that day… and then it was over. My husband and I spend the next 3 weeks traveling across Asia and Europe until finally settling back into our home in Italy.

Before getting back into a normal blog routine and getting lost in travel photos, I wanted to spotlight and thank some of awesome people who helped me out at my wedding!

Awesome Wedding Vendors: Brad + Nicole

Music: Brad + Nicole

Okay, granted, I am a little biased being related to these two. Regardless, Brad + Nicole did a wonderful job with the music for my ceremony! I just gave them the songs I wanted, and they fit them perfectly into the ceremony atmosphere. They took what I had in my mind and executed it better than I could have asked for! Brad DJ’ed for the reception, and everyone love it! He played a sweet mix of new, fun dance songs and old favorites to get everyone out on the dance floor. If you haven’t heard their music, check out (and like!) their Facebook page.

Photography: Jared W. Fluck

Normally Jared is a videographer, but since my normal photographer happened to be my maid of honor, Jared agreed to step in! He does phenomenal videography, and his photos also hold up to that same standard! See his video work here.

Videography: Hannah Bergauer

Hannah came highly recommended by Jared, so I trusted his judgement and went with it! And wasn’t disappointed! Hannah was so great and helpful the day, and her work is wonderful! Check out her work here.

Awesome Wedding Vendors: Robyn

Hair: Robyn Sheely

She doesn’t have an actual business to link to, but Robyn did an amazing job with my hair that it is definitely worth mentioning! I’ve had my hair done professionally before, but hers was by far my favorite! You should ask for her prices 😉

Makeup: Monica Grow

If you haven’t seen a theme of recruiting family to help by this point, here’s another one: my aunt did my makeup! As someone who doesn’t normally wear makeup, I didn’t want to go over board just cause I’m supposed to on the “big day.” And she achieved that perfectly!

Awesome Wedding Vendors: Flowers By Bea

Flowers: Flowers By Bea

Bea did an amazing job with the flowers! I just gave her my colors and a few photos for inspiration, and viola! The flowers showed up just like I had envisioned they would. Check out her Instagram to see some of her other great work.

Officiants: Mark and Rob

Having a pastor for a father, I always figured he would do the ceremony when I had a wedding. And he did a great job! But Mark Williams was also an MVP! He opened the ceremony and got things rolling. Both of them were a huge help.

Awesome Wedding Vendors: The Vintage Type

Chairs: The Vintage Type

Since we did our wedding on a working farm, we had to supply most things ourselves — chairs being one of them. Through word of mouth, we got into contact with The Vintage Type and were able to use their chairs for our wedding ceremony and reception! They were beautiful old, mismatched chairs that fit perfectly. Check out the page for more details.

Food Service: Isaiah Williams and Crew

Our food was from a bunch of random different places (some was catered, some was homemade), but Isaiah Williams took charge on the day of to make sure everything went smoothly and orchestrated all of the little details. Him and his crew did a great job.

Awesome Wedding Vendors: Decorations

Dessert: My Sister Knows Best

Even though we got our actual wedding cake from Alice’s Bakery in North Wales (just for the cake cutting, really), My Sister Knows Best generously made all of the desserts for the wedding! Cupcakes and other yummy little treats. See her tasty work here!

Wedding Planners: My Mom, Sisters, & Janine

Couldn’t have done it without this crew. Especially since I was abroad during part of my wedding planning time, that isn’t even an overstatement. They helped with everything from invitation wording, decorations, ceremony order, dress advice, and way more. They made everything way less stressful!

Awesome Wedding Vendors: Family

So, how do you make a wedding less stressful? Have an awesome team of people around you to help out!

Thank you to all of you amazing people!


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