Ways to Show Love Every Day (And Not Just on Valentine’s Day)

Often, the littlest acts of kindness done for no apparent reason other than to say “I love you” or “I’m thinking about you” can have the biggest impact.

Not to say that Valentine’s Day isn’t a great day to show love to those in your life.

But I am working to show the people I love that I care all year, not just on holidays. So, here are some ideas!

Be present.
Get your phone off the table. Engage with the person you are physically with. Get off Facebook and Instagram. We will probably always struggle with this 😉

Write a real note.
Maybe I’m old fashioned, but who doesn’t love getting mail?! Whether it’s a postcard just saying hi, or a more heart-felt note to someone you love, sending a letter is a perfect way to show love and make someone’s day.

Send a thoughtful message.
Okay, maybe letters aren’t your thing. Then send a thoughtful text or email instead to just let a friend know you are thinking about them.

Be respectful.
Of other people’s religions, gender, lifestyle choices. Unless they ask for your commentary, is what you say really adding any good to the world? If the answer is no, keep your mouth shut.

Say hi or smile to a stranger.
Especially in the great old northeast, we sometimes get the reputation for being a little… rough around the edges. Try smiling to a stranger or being the first one to say hello. Bring a little more joy into the world!

Do a random act of kindness.
Pay for the person’s coffee in line behind you. Give a genuine compliment. Buy the lady’s groceries in line in front. Do the dishes. Donate to a charity (here a few ideas: Nationalities Service Center, International Justice Mission, Dressember).

Give someone a hug (as long as they want one).
We all have different backgrounds and boundaries. But if physical touch is one of your love languages, hugs can be a great thing (and always just ask permission!).

Surprise someone with their favorite coffee drink or treat.
First, this shows that you actually pay attention to this person to remember what they like. Second, it shows that you were thinking of them!

Sometimes people just need to vent or express their feelings or what is going on in their life. In times like that, maybe you don’t need to offer advice. Maybe you just need to be there for them.

Pray for someone. 
If someone in your life is struggling, offer to pray for them. It’s a simple act that can go along way.

What are simple ways you show love all year round? 


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