February Reflection (2017)

“Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.”
 ― Yvonne Woon

Each month, I set aside time to reflect on the previous month: memorable moments, lessons I learned, how I spent my time, how I’m different, who/what I’m grateful for, improvements for next month, and goals to work toward. I try to be intentional in my personal development, and posting each month is a way to keep me accountable (it’s also built into my favorite planner, which is a nice reminder 😉 ).


  • If something is draining you, take a step back (if you can) — from social media, unhealthy relationships, side jobs, etc. All of the hate on Facebook wasn’t doing me any good, so I removed notifications from my phone to limit my time on the site. If something is negatively affecting you (and you have no real obligation to it), just leave it.
  • Actually listen to what someone you disagree with is saying. I was talking to a friend who was surprised to learn that I don’t disagree with everything Trump is doing. Go to the actual source, and be careful of what you read on Facebook if it’s not from a legitimate news outlet.
  • Sometimes you have to sacrifice to meet your goals. I am working to pay off my debt quicker than my original payment plan so I can have freedom and not be tied down. That means I’ve had to say no to some extra expenses, work extra hours, and sacrifice free time (and sleep). I’m deprioritizing some things right now (like travel…) to prioritize getting debt-free. Everything has its season.

Top 3 Highlights of the month:

What big lessons have you learned over the past month? Share in the comments below!


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