Intentional Habit Change

Small changes add up.Since the New Year, I’ve been making an intentional effort to create healthier lifestyle habits (and no, none of them have been New Year Resolutions). The most valuable thing I’ve learned through this process is simple: start small. I have big goals (like eat healthier and get in better shape) that can seem overwhelming –so overwhelming that it can be hard to motivate myself to even start.

To avoid not starting at all, I broke down my big goals into smaller, more manageable goals. For example, instead of trying to transform my entire diet, I set the goal to eat breakfast every morning. I try to plan out my breakfasts at the beginning of the week to give myself a game plan and avoid analysis paralysis.

Another goal in my yoga practice is to be able to do forearm stands and eventually handstands. While I still have a long way to go, I force myself to practice forearm stands every day. Even when I wasn’t close at all, I would use a wall (in my case a wardrobe..) or couch to just get used to holding the forearm stand. And little by little, that habit is paying off.

Small goals can give you a sense of control (I can do this!), and a sense of accomplishment when you meet them. It makes those big goals seem a bit more attainable. If you have some time, take a few moments to reflect on big goals you have and ways you could potentially break them down to make them more manageable. You’ve got to start somewhere!